Tree Removal

When all other avenues have been exhausted, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees. Whether it be on safety grounds, reasonable […]


Providing the tree is of a good basic structural condition, pruning will always be encouraged as there are many techniques to achieve […]


Logs Although log processing is not something we are properly set up for just yet, we do have a small supply of fully seasoned […]

All aspects of tree suregery undertaken, big and small no matter what the weathertree surgeon ellesmere home2 small

Professional tree care with knowledge and precision

The Little Big Tree Company was started by Chris Egerton as part of a career that began back in 1998. Since then the knowledge and experience of all aspects of tree surgery and tree care, that has been gained through working with some exceptional people all over the world, comes together to provide a service that is safe, professional and able to deal with any issue you might have with your trees.

We are based just outside the border town of Ellesmere, North Shropshire. With most of our work within a 2 hour drive and cover areas such as Chester, Wrexham and North Wales.

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Health and Safety is important

There are safe techniques for any tree in any location and there are many ways to improve the safety of a tree without the need for felling.

With extreme weather becoming more common our trees often suffer, causing all sorts of property damage. Before any other work can take place a highly dangerous situation can stand in the way. We are very experienced in dealing with these unpredictable trees, and strongly recommend people without such experience not to attempt any work themselves.

We provide a service that is safe, professional and able to deal with any issue you might have with your trees.

Our range of customers speak for themselves and we provide two leading energy companies with a tree care service.

With team members experienced and fully qualified having achieved all necessary current training. We are always keen to get involved with more utility projects other than electric.

We are fully insured.

Tree Removal


We have a special interest in getting involved with any conservation projects. After all, the whole reason for starting work in this industry was love for trees and their environment.

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